Auto Accident on Bulltown Road
By Firefighter Mike Cline
July 9, 2018

At ~5:59 PM, Westmorland 911 dispatched Station 20 for a two-car auto accident at 4580 Bulltown Road. Station 20 responded with Rescue 20 (3 firefighters), with 2 additional firefighters (including Chief 20) responding directly to the scene. Upon Rescue 20's arrival on the scene, the Murrysville Police, Murrysville Medic One, and Chief 20 were already present, with all vehicle passengers self extracted from what ended up being a single vehicle accident. The lone vehicle was off the road, with no debris on the roadway and no hazardous liquids leaking from the vehicles. Chief 20 released Rescue 20 for return to Station20.

Units: Rescue 20
Mutual Aid: Murrysville Police Department, Murrysville Medic One