Rehab Facility Automatic Fire Alarm
By Firefighter Mike Cline
August 10, 2018

At ~ 4:36 AM, Westmorland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville Volunteer Fire Company) for a Automatic Fire Alarm at the Murrysville Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. Station 20 responded with Truck 20 (3 firefighters including Lieutenant 20), with Captain 20 going directly to the scene, and an additional firefighter at Station 20. Also dispatched were Station 64 (White Valley VFC), Station 236 (Holiday Park VFC), Station 78 (Sardis VFC), and Station 22 (Export VFC). Captain 20 was first on scene, and found water leaking into a smoke detector, which tripped the system. Upon arrival of Truck 20, the firefighters, surveyed the area for possible fire, nothing found, and silenced the alarm. Captain 20 informed the facility staff to have their alarm company come to the facility, reset the alarm system, and check the smoke detector for damage. Captain 20 cancelled all other responding companies, and released Truck 20 for return to station.

Units: Truck 20
Mutual Aid: White Valley Volunteer Fire Company (Station 64), Holiday Park Volunteer Fire Company (Station 236), Sardis Volunteer Fire Company (Station 78), Export volunteer Fire Company (Station 22)