Vehicle Fire-Boone Road, Penn Twp.
By Firefighter Mike Cline
December 1, 2018

At ~1:30PM, Westmorland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) to assist Station 9 (Level Green VFD) for a Vehicle Fire adjacent to a home on Boone Road, Penn Township. Station 20 responded with Engine 20 (4 firefighters including Lieutenant 20), with 2 additional firefighters at Station 20 incase additional apparatus was needed. Also dispatched to assist Station 9 were: Station 7 (Paintertown VFD), Station 86 (Trafford VFD), and Station 87 (Harrison City VFD). Engine 9 was first on scene with a working vehicle fire and began containing the blaze to the engine compartment. Upon Chief 9 arriving on scene, all other responding units were cancelled except for Engine 9 and Quint 7, since the vehicle fire did not threaten the nearby home. Engine 20 return to service and station.

Units: Engine 20
Mutual Aid: Level Green VFD (Station 9), Paintertown VFD (Station 7), Trafford VFD (Station 86), and Harrison City VFD (Station 87)