Burning Odor in Facility - Brookdale Murrysville
By Secretary Mike Cline
October 4, 2019

At ~ 8:11 PM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) to assist Station 64 (White Valley VFC) for a report of a Burning Odor inside Brookdale Murrysville on Old William Penn Highway. Station 20 responded with Truck 20 (3 firefighters including Lieutenant 20), with an additional firefighter/driver manning the station. Westmoreland 911 also dispatched the following stations to support Station 64: Station 78 (Sardis VFC), Station 22 (Export VFC), Station 30 (Delmont VFC), and Station 610 (Murrysville VFC). Director 610 was first on scene, and observed no smoke or fire coming from the structure. Engine 64 was the first fire unit on scene, and Assistant Chief 64 established command. Engine 22-1, Engine 78, Special Operations 78, Truck 20, and Ladder 30 arrived and took up positions around the structure. Interior firefighter teams from Engine 64, Engine 22-1, and Engine 78 entered the structure, found that all patients/staff were accounted for and safe. Upon investigation it was determined that the burning odor came from the facility heating system activating for the first time this season. Command 64 returned all responding Fire/EMS units to service and station.

Units: Truck 20
Mutual Aid: White Valley VFC (Station 64 - Engine 64), Sardis VFC (Station 78 - Engine 78, Special Operations 78), Export VFC (Station 22 - Engine 22-1), Delmont VFC (Station 30 - Ladder 30), Murrysville Medic One (Station 610 - Medic 613, Support 610, Command 610)