Public Service Detail - Franklin Regional Middle School
By Secretary Mike Cline
November 1, 2019

On November 1st, the Murrysville Volunteer Fire Company (Station 20) assisted the 6th Grade Science Classes of the Franklin Regional Middle School with their science experiments. Truck 20 was used in the experiment, where the firefighters dropped different sizes of pumpkins from the Ladder Platform from heights of 60 - 80 feet, and the students charted the effects of the impact and factored in the different natural and manmade variables effecting each drop. This activity not only assisted the students in their science studies, but allowed them to interact with the firefighters of Station 20, and familiarize them with the Volunteer Fire Service. The Station 20 Firefighters look forward to the next time they can assist the students and faculty of the Franklin Regional School District in their studies.

Units: Truck 20, Rescue 20