Report of Tree Branch on Utiilty Wires - Intersection of Bulltown and Hickory Hill Roads
By Secretary Mike Cline
November 5, 2019

At ~ 8:08 AM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) for a report of a tree branch that was down with utility wires. Station 20 responded with Chief 20 going directly to the scene, and firefighters going to the station to crew the apparatus. Chief 20 was first on scene, established command, and found that a tree branch had fallen onto telephone lines, but was not blocking the roadway. Command 20 relayed the Windstream Pole Number to Westmoreland 911, so Windstream could send a repair crew to the scene, to clear the standing dead tree off the wires. Since the roadway was clear, Command 20 released all Station 20 personnel and equipment for return to service.

Units: Squad 20
Mutual Aid: Murrysville Police Department