Commercial Automatic Fire Alarm - Sloan Elementary School
By Secretary Mike Cline
October 12, 2020

At ~ 6:25 PM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) for an Automatic Fire Alarm (AFA) at Sloan Elementary School. Station 20 responded with Truck 20 (5 firefighters including Lieutenant 20), with 1 firefighter going directly to the scene, and 3 firefighters on standby at the station, prepared to deploy additional apparatus. Westmoreland 911 also dispatched the following stations to support Station 20: Station 78 (Sardis VFC), Station 64 (White Valley VFC), Station 22 (Export VFC), Station 610 (Murrysville Medic One), Station 87 (Harrison City VFC), and the Murrysville Police. The Station 20 firefighter responding directly to the scene established the command, found no smoke or fire coming from the structure, and upon investigation found that a contractor had activated the structure's AFA System by accident. Command 20 returned all responding stations to service and station, and Franklin Regional School District Representatives reset the structure's AFA System.

Units: Truck 20
Mutual Aid: Sardis VFC (Station 78 - Engine 78), White Valley VFC (Station 64 - Engine 64), Export VFC (Station 22 - Engine 22), Harrison City VFC (Station 87 - Truck 87), Murrysville Medic One (Station 610), Murrysville Police Department