Residential Chimney Fire - Settlers Court
By Secretary Mike Cline
November 23, 2021

At ~9:13 PM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) to assist Station 78 (Sardis VFC) for a Chimney Fire at a home on Settlers Court. Station 20 responded with Truck 20 (6 firefighters including Assistant Chief 20, Captain 20, Sergeant 20), Engine 20 (6 firefighters), Rescue 20 (5 firefighters) with 1 firefighter going directly to the scene. Westmoreland 911 also dispatched the following additional stations to support Station 78: Station 64 (White Valley VFC), Station 22 (Export VFC), Station 236 (Holiday Park VFC), Station 183 (Renton VFC), Station 102 (Washington Twp VFC), Station 115 (Upper Burrell VFC), Station 610 (Murrysville Medic One), and the Murrysville Police Department. Engine 78 was first on scene and established the command, the occupants were out of the structure, and fire was visible at the top of the chimney. Station 20 units arrived on scene, were placed in support positions, and their crews went to the command post for assignment. Truck 20's interior firefighters joined a combined crew that accessed the roof of the home, and extinguished the chimney fire. It was determined that the fire was confined to the chimney, and did not extend into the main structure of the residence. Upon completion of salvage and overhaul, Command 78 released all Station 20 units for return to service and station.

Units: Truck 20, Engine 20, Rescue 20
Mutual Aid: Sardis VFC (Station 78 - Engine 78), White Valley VFC (Station 64 - Engine 64), Export VFC (Station 22 - Squad 22), Renton VFC (Station 183 - Engine 183), Holiday Park VFC (Engine 236), Upper Burrell VFC (Station 115 - Truck 115, Tanker 115), Washington Township VFC (Station 102 - Quint 102), Murrysville Medic One (Station 610 - Medic 613, Support 610, Command 610, Command 610-2, Special Operations 610), Murrysville Police Department