Odor of Gas - Mother of Sorrows Church
By Secretary Mike Cline
May 31, 2022

At ~6:37 AM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) for a report of a strong odor of gas inside the offices of the Mother of Sorrows Church.. Station 20 responded with Truck 20 (4 firefighters), with 1 firefighter manning the station. Westmoreland 911 also dispatched the following additional stations to support Station 20: Station 64 (White Valley VFC), Station 78 (Sardis VFC), Station 22 (Export VFC), Station 236 (Truck 236), Station 610 (Murrysville Medic One), and the Murrysville Police. Truck 20, Rescue 64, Engine 78, Squad 22, Truck 236), Medic 615, Support 610, Command 610, Truck 236, and the Murrysville Police arrived on scene, to find the structure evacuated, with Chief 64 taking command of the scene. Interior Firefighters using SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and Gas Meters entered to structure, while other firefighters turned off the natural gas supply to the structure. Upon investigation it was found that an overcharged vehicle battery in the structure's basement garage had caused the odor gas within the structure. A Peoples Gas Technician arrived on scene, and confirmed that the overcharge vehicle battery had caused the odor within the structure. The firefighters ventilated the structure, and upon completion of the ventilation, returned the building to the church staff. Command 64 returned all on scene units (including Truck 20) to service and station.

Units: Truck 20
Mutual Aid: White Valley VFC (Station 64 - Rescue 64), Sardis VFC (Station 78 - Engine 78), Export VFC (Station 22 - Squad 22), Holiday Park VFC (Station 236 - Truck 236), Murrysville Medic One (Station 610 - Medic 615, Support 610, Command 610), Murrysville Police Department, Peoples Gas