Patient Extrication from a Structure's Basement - Treesdale Court
By Secretary Mike Cline
May 31, 2022

At ~ 6:17 PM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) to assist Station 610 (Murrysville Medic One) to extricate a patient from the basement of a house under construction on Treesdale Court. Station 20 responded with Engine 20 (3 firefighters including Deputy Chief 20), Squad 20 (4 firefighters), with 2 firefighters (including Assistant Chief 20) going directly to the scene. Westmoreland 911 also dispatched Station 78 (Sardis VFC) and the Murrysville Police for the incident. Engine 20, Squad 20, Special Operations 78, Engine 78, the Station 610 units arrived on scene, with Assistant Chief 20 establishing the command, and Chief 78 supervising the extrication operation. The combined Station 20/78/610 Rescue/EMS crews extricated the injured patient from the house's basement using ropes and pullies. Once extricated, the patient was moved by Medic 615 to the Station 20 Fire Grounds Landing Zone (LZ) for transport to a Pittsburgh Trauma Center by STAT Medevac Aerial Ambulance Service. Upon departure of the patient, Command 20 returned all Fire/Rescue Units to service and station.

Units: Engine 20, Squad 20
Mutual Aid: Murrysville Medic One (Station 610 - Medic 615, Command 610, Command 610-3), Sardis VFC (Station 78 - Special Operations 78, Engine 78), Murrysville Police