Station 20 Fire/Rescue Calls for January-July 2022
By Secretary Mike Cline
August 5, 2022

During the first 7 months of 2022, the Murrysville Volunteer Fire Company (Station 20) has answered 248 fire/rescue calls within its primary fire district, and mutual aid area. These calls have ranged from Residential Structure Fires, Multiple Vehicle Collisions, Downed Utility Lines and Trees, Lift Assists to EMS, Residential and Commercial Automatic Fire/Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Aerial Ambulance Landing Zone Operations, and Rough Terrain Rescue. Further Station 20 continues to participate in a combined training program with its neighboring first responder companies to ensure better coordination during multi-alarm fire/rescue incidents. The firefighters of Station 20 stand prepared to answer all fire/rescue incidents for the residents and businesses of the Murrysville-Export Area.

Units: Truck 20, Engine 20, Rescue 20, Squad 20