Arrival of the New Truck 20
By Secretary Mike Cline
December 7, 2022

The Murrysville Volunteer Fire Company (Station 20) and the Municipality of Murrysville (represented by Mayor Synan) accepted delivery of the new Truck 20 from Sutphen Corporation of Dublin, Ohio. The new Truck 20 will become the principal structure firefighting unit within the Murrysville-Export Area. The unit is a Sutphen SPH100, which has a 100-foot main ladder which ends in a large platform with 2 master stream water cannons. The new Truck 20 will provide firefighters with the continued ability to access the roofs of multistory structures, and rapidly extinguish major structure fires. Over the next few weeks, the firefighters of Station 20 will be conducting familiarization training on the unit, and once the final fitting out of the Truck 20 is complete, it will be placed into service during the 1st Quarter of 2023. Finally, the new Truck 20 ensures that the Murrysville Volunteer Fire Company will be able to continue to provide the residents and businesses of the Murrysville-Export Area with superior structural firefighting capability well into the 21st Century.