Back to Back Calls
By Trustee Jennifer Ralston
July 8, 2019

At 7:47 PM, Station 20 was dispatched to Murrysville Rehab & Wellness Center on Logan Ferry Road for an automatic fire alarm. This would be the third alarm at the facility in less than 24 hours. Squad 20 was sent to confirm it was the same issue as earlier in the day. At 8:06 PM, a residential fire alarm was received for a residence on Sloanwood Drive. Truck 20 called enroute with 4 firefighters and arrived with nothing evident. Engine 78 took up the hydrant position. With no keyholder present, a thorough check of the residence was done from the exterior. With no signs of smoke or fire, Command 20 released all units.

Units: Truck 20
Mutual Aid: Engine 78