Report of Fuel Spill - Burnett Drive
By Secretary Mike Cline
September 9, 2019

At ~ 4:07 PM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 (Murrysville VFC) for a report of a fuel spill on Burnett Drive. Station 20 responded with Rescue 20 (4 firefighters), with 3 firefighters (including Assistant Chief 20 and Captain 20 ) going directly to the scene, and 2 firefighters (including Lieutenant 20) on standby at the station encase additional apparatus was needed at the scene. Assistant Chief 20 was first on scene, established command, and a citizen provided the information that a Recycling Truck had broken down earlier in the day, and some type of fluid had leaked from the vehicle. Once the truck was repaired it left the scene before 911 was notified, and small amount of the fluid had run down the hill into the nearby storm drain. Upon Rescue 20's arrival, its crew used absorbent materials to remediate the fluid, and upon investigation found that the fluid residue was nonflammable. Command 20 returned Rescue 20 to service and station once the remediation process was complete.

Units: Rescue 20