Downed Utility Wire - Old William Penn Highway
By Secretary Mike Cline
September 9, 2019

At ~5:40 PM, Westmoreland 911 dispatched Station 20 for a report of a downed utility wire just east of the Old William Penn and Tarr Hollow Road Intersection. Station 20 responded with Engine 20 (5 firefighters including Lieutenant 20), with Assistant Chief 20 going directly to the scene, and 2 firefighters on standby at the station. Engine 20 was first on scene, Lieutenant 20 established command and found a broken telephone wire lying in the berm of the west bound lane of Old William Penn Highway, just west of the intersection. The wire posed no danger to the public, and Command 20 requested that Westmoreland 911 inform Windstream of the location so a repair crew could be sent to the location. Command 20 returned Engine 20 to service and station.

Units: Engine 20